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Empowering Inclusivity: The Journey of Patrick as President of the National Braille Association

Patrick Janson

Braille’s contributions towards creating equal opportunities for visually impaired individuals cannot be underestimated in today’s globalized environment of inclusion and accessibility.

Visual-impaired individuals face daily obstacles; however, through Braille, a tactile reading and writing system these individuals can access education, information and employment.

Patrick Janson stands as an inspirational figure of empowerment and change.

Patrick Janson

He stands as an excellent example of inclusive leadership. As newly elected President of the National Braille Association, his work shows commitment and passion in advocating for those with visual impairments.

His company Braille Music and More provides more than a means for reading and writing; rather it offers the visually impaired a pathway towards independence, knowledge and community connections.

The National Braille Association

Founded in 1945, the National Braille Association (NBA), the organization has an ongoing mission of providing continuing education through braille materials to visually impaired individuals.

From its inception, the NBA was driven by a commitment to make braille literacy accessible for all. Teachers and braille transcribers across North America have benefitted from its educational programs and resources led by leading experts in this field.

The association has an 11-member Board of Directors who volunteer their time to advance the cause and support membership. There are various officer positions, and this October 2023, Patrick Janson, Owner Braille Music and More will begin serving a two-year term as President, followed by a two-year term as Immediate Past President.

With an emphasis on continual learning, the association strives to ensure every Braille reader receives top-quality materials that foster learning and engagement.

Patrick’s Vision for the Future

Patrick Janson, President of the National Braille Association (NBA), personifies its values of dedication and inclusivity. Since joining in 2014, he has made meaningful contributions while providing transformative leadership within the NBA. His passion for making braille accessible for all has driven his involvement with this association.

He has served on its Board of Directors, Chaired the Foreign Language Committee and Vice-Chaired Music Committee respectively – giving him an inside perspective into both challenges and opportunities facing educators and transcribers of braille. Furthermore, his emphasis on collaborative solutions earned him respect from his community peers.

As Patrick steps into his role as President in October 2023, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach. His company, Braille Music and More reflects his commitment to ensuring that braille goes beyond just words on paper—it’s a bridge that connects the visually impaired to the world of knowledge and expression.

Patrick’s presidency promises to be marked by innovation and empathy. His understanding of the struggles experienced by visually impaired communities as well as those serving them makes him an advocate for positive change.

He recognizes that creating inclusive environments requires cooperation among many groups – whether organizations, experts, or volunteers – in order to reach shared goals. Through such efforts, he hopes to build a society that promotes braille education while providing an atmosphere where all individuals feel welcome.

In closing: A Journey of Empowerment

Patrick Janson’s journey from committed member to President is an embodiment of both determination and inclusivity.

His vision for an inclusive braille education system is an inspiration. When he assumes his position, he brings with him all of the hopes and expectations from visually impaired community members as well as educators striving to make a difference in lives of students with braille literacy needs. Patrick has led an incredible legacy of learning at the National Braille Association and his visionary leadership is opening doors for an inclusive future in which sight barriers are broken down.

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