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Patrick Janson

Patrick Janson
Owner of Braille Music and More
President of the National Braille Association (NBA)

Patrick has a Bachelor of Music degree from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio and has a 30+ year history as performer, writer, director and teacher.  He plays piano, saxophone and guitar, and has an extensive career as a professional singer in music theatre, jazz, opera, Classic Rock and Christian Contemporary music.  He has directed numerous stage productions and has led ensembles such as full orchestra, jazz ensemble, handbell choir, and all types of vocal groups.

In the Braille World, Patrick is considered a music braille expert and holds several leadership positions in the National Braille Association. He is the President of the association, plus Vice-Chair of the Foreign Language Committee and Vice-Chair of the Music Committee. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2019. He presents webinars and articles in music braille. In the Fall of 2021, Patrick began the Presidential track in that he will be President-Elect for two years, then President for two years, then Immediate Past President.

Patrick with Dr. Karen Gearreald

Patrick, with Dr. Karen Gearreald, Braille Music Advisor for the Library of Congress.


What They Say

"With a final score of 99.7% on our toughest exam, I believe Patrick has earned the distinction of the most outstanding student who has ever completed the Braille Music course."

Learning braille
Dr. Karen Gearreald Braille Music Advisor Library of Congress

“Patrick and his team have been responsive to the unique needs of our students to ensure their full access to the materials. Patrick was also able to work with us when we had the occasional last-minute transcription need due to unforeseen student need or faculty oversite. Braille Music and More continues to offer competitive rates and, due to the quality of their work, has remained our transcriber of choice.”

Musical Sheet
Kimberley Bassi-Cook Associate Director of Disability Services
Seton Hill University

“Patrick not only demonstrates a thorough knowledge and familiarity with the difficult endeavor that is music transcription, he provides timely deliveries of requested materials. He is willing to work closely with our department and with the faculty to ensure that students receive exactly the texts and scores they need to succeed. I feel that working with Patrick is a solid investment for any school’s disability services department.”

Musical Sheet
KimBoo York, MLIS Office of Accessibility Services
Florida State University

“Our company has been contracting with Patrick for 4+ years. Braille Music and More has brailled all types of books for us: music, foreign language, math and literary. All assignments were complete on time, and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our teachers.”

Musical Sheet
Julie Breneman Office Manager

"Patrick has not only the gift of exceptional talent, but a love of music, and a belief in its power to comfort, heal, and inspire. He inspires my confidence and enthusiasm that an old dog can actually learn both voice and piano. For some reason it has been a long inner wish of mine. I consider Patrick the best teacher, of any kind, I have ever had."

Musical Sheet
Jon Ferrell Adult Voice and Piano Student

"Patrick knows that the little things mean a lot in braille music transcription. He pays close attention to the details and the results reflect that focus. When we need to subcontract a transcription assignment, we know we can rely on him to get it right."

Musical Sheet
Bill McCann Founder & President Dancing Dots

“Patrick is an excellent transcriber. His work ethic, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and knowledge of braille music make him such a valuable resource. His passion for music is evident in the work. He’s an advocate for students learning braille music and it shows.”

Learning braille
Marie Zaldivar Braille Program Manager
Alternate Text Production Center of the California Community Colleges

“Working with Patrick has been a dream. BM&M has been able to supply our students with technical math, entrepreneurship and computer science braille transcription and tactile diagrams, and the quality has been top-notch. We would recommend BM&M to any university needing technical braille!

Learning braille
Diane Lee University of St. Thomasation


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